Social Media Management

Social Media

How social media will benefit your company

  • Customized content just for you.

    Instead of a mass-produced, one-size-fits-all approach, we believe every social media strategy and account will be unique … just like your business. We won’t try to squeeze your product or service into a mold. Instead, we’ll work with you to create content that best helps your customers and niche market.

  • Emphasis on results.

    Social media ROI is notoriously difficult to measure. That’s why we’ll set goals from the beginning, decide on ways to track their effectiveness, and provide you with regular updates on their performance.

  • Long-term strategic vision and commitment.

    When you sign up with us, you’ve committed to creating an effective, long-term strategy toward managing your company’s social media presence. We save you time and energy by suggesting our own social media strategy, or else integrating social media into your existing marketing plan.

  • Extensive expertise and firsthand experience.

    All our account managers have at least four years of experience in managing social media for clients. They’ve seen firsthand the intricacies of maintaining active social media accounts, responding to customers, dealing with reputation management, and so much more.

Our social media management packages will:

  1. Sm body Create 2-4 new social media accounts for your company. Options include but aren’t limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. (If the accounts already exist, this involves editing and optimizing them.)
  2. Create customized, ready-to-use content (e.g. sample tweets, sample Facebook updates) and post at optimal times for engagement.
  3. Create a comprehensive content strategy to integrate with your company’s overall marketing strategy.
  4. Design customized cover photos/backgrounds and profile pictures.
  5. Create editorial calendars for each social media account. Editorial calendars control the content creation process from conception all the way to writing, editing and publication.
  6. Monitor and respond to comments. This facilitates customer support, builds trust for your customers, and improves public relations.
  7. Provide a “Social Media ROI” spreadsheet to track results on a monthly basis.
  8. Provide hour-long regular touch-base meetings with your company contact: weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on your needs.
  9. Negotiate additional features, such as monthly or quarterly Twitter chats, Facebook and Twitter ad campaigns, and more.

Why you need a strong social media strategy

Social media management is critical to today’s businesses. The statistics are staggering (consider this sampling from Hubspot):

  • 84 percent of B2B marketers use social media in some form.
  • 80 percent of U.S. social network users prefer to connect to brands through Facebook.
  • Companies that acquired customers from Facebook: B2C (77 percent) and B2B (43 percent)
  • The majority of marketers (59 percent) use social media for 6 hours or more each week.
  • Social media has a 100 percent higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.
  • 83 percent of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business.

Yet for all its importance, social media management is rarely done right. It takes time, energy and experience. The best results come only with a long-term strategy, as well as proven methods to track successes and failures.

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